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As a Team Leader for Volunteers Around the World, your responsibilities will include recruiting members to join your outreach trip as well as fundraise for the medications and supplies that will be used in the clinics. We encourage you to become recognized with the student government on your campus to obtain benefits such as room reservations, funds for meetings, and possible grants for trip supplies. You will be expected to meet with VAW national staff on a biweekly basis to report that you are on the right track to preparing your team for an upcoming trip.

This is an intensive internship that will require time and dedication. You will gain many leadership skills such as organization, time management, and interpersonal relations that will prepare you for any future endeavor. As a representative of Volunteers Around the World, we expect you to act professionally with all collegiate administration and students. Thank you for your interest in the Team Leader Internship and we look forward to working with you!

January 18, 2018

It’s a real world we live in, and it can be hard to see the reality of life in the developing countries around the…

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