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This internship is designed to give you an experience as close to being a practicing physician or dentist as is possible before going to medical or dental school.

Our main focus is to bring medical care, dental care and medicine to the countries we serve. However, Volunteers Around the World also supports a few ongoing projects in addition to the medical and dental clinics we manage. Please see our Our Projects for more information.


Below is a sample itinerary of your trip. The number of clinic days is guaranteed, but the order of days could vary.

  • Day 1 – Fly to the host country & travel host community
  • Day 2 – Orientation & preparation for the clinics
  • Day 3 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 4 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 5 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 6 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 7 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 8 – Medical/Dental Work Day
  • Day 9 – Free day
  • Day 10 – Education Day
  • Day 11 – Free day
  • Days 12 – Free Days for fun travel
  • Days 13 – Free Days for fun travel
  • Day 14 – Travel to airport & Fly back to USA

What you get: Work with a local NGO, gain valuable international experience, learn basic medical training, and explore the cultural and natural beauty of the host country. Included in the program fees are in country transportation, food and lodging, support staff including doctors and a translator. The VAW programs are challenging, rewarding, safe, and personalized experiences.

Qualifications: The biggest requirement is an adventurous spirit. Volunteers are adventurous, enthusiastic, caring, sensible, humble, and curious individuals. Volunteers are expected to learn and grow while improving themselves and the communities in which VAW works. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Medical training and Spanish are useful skills but are not required for a successful experience. We will teach you many of the medical skills required while you are volunteering with us!


January 18, 2018

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