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Global Health Outreach


Water Filtration

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources and too often communities in developing nations don’t have enough.  What’s worse, is most of the water used in homes around the world could be repurposed and reused, and it rarely is.  Bath water, laundry water, sink water, almost every gallon of water used in a home can be filtered and used to grow gardens.  Using new technology, VAW Global Health Interns install filters in homes that never need replaced and will provide an ongoing source of clean gardening water.  This project turns something that was previously being discarded into valuable nutrients that promote healthy children and families.


One of the biggest reasons people in developing nations get sick is due to improper hygiene and improper disposal of sewage waste.  Most homes do not have a bathroom, and many people go outside wherever they can.  Flies and other bugs transfer diseases and parasites from the discarded sewage and people become very sick.  A simple solution to this problem is quality latrines.  A properly built latrine can last for decades, giving families a chance to live healthier lives.  VAW Global Health Interns build cost effective latrines alongside community members.  These projects are a fun way to interact with the community and the latrine is a gift to a family that will last a generation!

Family Gardens

Many families in developing countries live with a constant risk of nutritional insecurity. There are a few days each month that families go without anything to eat, and most days they go without proper nutrition. This of course leads to health risks and longer recovery periods even for minor illnesses. VAW Global Health Interns teach families how to build small family gardens that use simple techniques to raise more crops in less space and help mitigate nutritional insecurity.


January 18, 2018

It’s a real world we live in, and it can be hard to see the reality of life in the developing countries around the…

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